Due to unforeseen circumstances, Magic Ears University will close its doors on August 31, 2021.

All current and prospective students must complete coursework on or before August 31, 2021 to be eligible to receive a program certificate. Please note that any student that enrolls in a Magic Ears University program on or after August 5, 2021, will NOT be eligible for a program refund.

Welcome to ME 120-Hour Advanced TESOL!

Accredited Certification Course

Whether you are a skilled teacher with lots of first-hand classroom experience, or you are looking for a new opportunity, this course will help you become a confident and successful TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) teacher. Based on our long and successful experience in TESOL/TEFL, we have designed this exceedingly practical, high-quality ESL certification course for you.

This course is supported by Magic Ears, an online English education company that believes teaching English is exciting and valuable work. We want to share TESOL knowledge and skills with anyone interested in teaching English, which is why we built this course for anyone who plans to start a TESOL career or needs a refresher.

Although completing this certification course will not guarantee a teaching position with Magic Ears, this program will guide you to be an excellent TESOL teacher by providing you with all of the information and skills you’ll need to succeed. Of course, once you’ve reached the finish line successfully, you are warmly welcomed to apply to join the Magic Ears family and become a hero to Chinese children!

What will I learn?

This is a thoroughly practical course. For us, practical insights and tips are much more important than theory. Of course, theory underpins some aspects of teaching. 

However, when you start teaching EFL/ESOL, it’s these kinds of questions that will be in the forefront of your mind:

  • How do I plan a lesson?
  • When should I do this?
  • What should I do next?
  • How can I introduce this?
  • How do I know they have grasped this?
  • What should I be focusing on?
  • How can I do this better?
  • How can I keep up their motivation?

Remember that much of the theory in learning is not proven. You will be dealing with individuals from different childhood experiences, different learning experiences, different learning styles, different attitudes, and different levels of motivation, so the theory won’t always apply to everyone.

Our approach will center on what does work well in practice.

Teaching English to non-native speakers can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! The overriding goal of our ME 120-Hour Advanced TESOL Course is to ensure that you will be as fully prepared as possible when stepping into your TEFL/TESOL role.

About this course

Here's what's included:

  • Curriculum

    10 lesson units with assessments, one final cumulative assessment, and supporting videos.

  • Downloadable Content

    10+ downloadable resources to apply to your classroom, including observation forms, tense reference sheets, and more!

  • Accredited Certificate

    Within 2 business days of completing the course, you will receive a digital certificate and statement of accreditation via email.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Unit 1: The TESOL Arena

    • Module 1.1: The English Language

    • Module 1.2: Acronyms in the TEFL/TESOL Environment

    • Module 1.3: A Brief History of ELT Methods

    • Module 1.4: Teaching Approaches, Methods, and Techniques

    • Module 1.5: Communicative Language Teaching

    • Module 1.6: L1 and L2 Learning

    • Module 1.7: Key Influences on L2 Learning

    • Module 1.8: Effective Learning Strategies

    • Unit 1: Discussion Board

    • Unit 1: Assessment

  • 2

    Unit 2: The TEFL/TESOL Teacher

    • Module 2.1: What Makes a Competent and Effective Teacher?

    • Module 2.2: Facilitating Language Learning and Acquisition

    • Module 2.3: Student and Teacher Expectations

    • Module 2.4: There's More to Teaching Than You Think

    • Module 2.5: The School Syllabus

    • Module 2.6: Learner Levels

    • Module 2.7: False and Absolute Beginners

    • Module 2.8: Practical Tips for the Beginner Level

    • Module 2.9: Example Lesson Plan

    • Unit 2: Discussion Board

    • Unit 2: Assessment

  • 3

    Unit 3: TEFL/TESOL Learners

    • Introduction to Unit 3: The Learners

    • Module 3.1: Motivation

    • Module 3.2: Identifying Effective Learners

    • Module 3.3: Learning Styles

    • Module 3.4: Different Learning Strategies

    • Module 3.5: Learner Autonomy

    • Module 3.6: The Plateau Effect

    • Unit 3: Discussion Board

    • Unit 3: Assessment

  • 4

    Unit 4: Understanding Key Language Elements

    • Module 4.0: Understanding Key Language

    • Module 4.1: Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

    • Module 4.2: Pronunciation and Teaching Techniques

    • Module 4.3: Lexis and Vocabulary

    • Module 4.4: Connotation and Denotation

    • Module 4.5: Appropriacy

    • Module 4.6: Word Formation

    • Module 4.7: Word Relationships

    • Module 4.8: Phrasal Verbs, Idioms, and Collocations

    • Module 4.9: Language Functions

    • Module 4.10: Language Analysis

    • Unit 4: Discussion Board

    • Unit 4: Assessment

  • 5

    Unit 5: Grammar

    • Module 5.1: Grammar

    • Module 5.2: English Language Grammar

    • Module 5.3: Conditional Forms

    • Module 5.4: Main Parts of a Sentence

    • Module 5.5: Modals

    • Module 5.6: Voice, Mood, and Theme

    • Module 5.7: Cohesion

    • Module 5.8: Register

    • Module 5.9: Teaching Grammar

    • Unit 5: Discussion Board

    • Unit 5: Assessment

  • 6

    Unit 6: Teaching the 4 Skills

    • Introduction to Unit 6: The 4 Skills

    • Module 6.1: Teaching Listening

    • Module 6.2: Teaching Speaking

    • Module 6.3: Teaching Writing

    • Module 6.4: Teaching Reading

    • Unit 6: Discussion Board

    • Unit 6: Assessment

  • 7

    Unit 7: Planning and Presenting Lessons

    • Introduction to Unit 7: Planning and Presenting Lessons

    • Module 7.1: Lesson Objectives and Goals

    • Module 7.2: Various Lesson Objectives

    • Module 7.3: Purpose and Principles of Lesson Planning

    • Module 7.4: Deciding What to Present

    • Module 7.5: Logical and Sequenced Planning

    • Module 7.6: Main Components of a Lesson Plan

    • Module 7.7: The 5-Step Lesson Plan

    • Module 7.8: The 5-Step Lesson Plan in Action

    • Module 7.9: Controlled and Uncontrolled Exercises and Activities

    • Module 7.10: Evaluate - Check - Reflect

    • Module 7.11: Following and Adapting Your Lesson Plan

    • Module 7.12: Planning Time

    • Module 7.13: Post-Lesson Evaluation and Reflection

    • Module 7.14: Future Lesson Planning

    • Module 7.15: Needs Analysis

    • Unit 7: Discussion Board

    • Unit 7: Assessment

  • 8

    Unit 8: Critical Teaching Skills (Part 1)

    • Module 8.1: Paralinguistics

    • Module 8.2: Grouping Learners

    • Module 8.3: Using the Board

    • Module 8.4: TTT, Eliciting, Concept Checking, Giving Instructions and Questioning

    • Module 8.5: Feedback and Correction

    • Module 8.6: Testing and Assessment

    • Unit 8: Discussion Board

    • Unit 8: Assessment

  • 9

    Unit 9: Critical Teaching Skills (Part 2)

    • Module 9.1 Supplementary Materials

    • Module 9.2: Classroom Space

    • Module 9.3: Teaching Large Multi-Level Classes

    • Module 9.4: Classroom Discipline

    • Module 9.5: Classroom Dynamics

    • Module 9.6: Cross-Cultural Aspects in the Classroom

    • Module 9.7: Professional Responsibilities in the Workplace

    • Unit 9: Discussion Board

    • Unit 9: Assessment

  • 10

    Unit 10: Teaching Young Learners

    • Module 10.1: The Young Learner Arena

    • Module 10.2: Grammar and Lexis

    • Module 10.3: Teaching the 4 Skills to Young Learners

    • Module 10.4: Assessing Young Learners

    • Module 10.5: Stories

    • Unit 10: Discussion Board

    • Unit 10: Assessment

  • 11


    • ME TESOL Wrap-up

    • ME TESOL References

    • ME TESOL Discussion Board

    • ME TESOL Final Assessment

Interested in training focused on online teaching?

Consider purchasing our $30 TESOL + Teaching English Online specialization bundle! Our specialization program features five units and includes downloadable resources you can implement in your classes right away.


  • Is this really 120 hours long?

    It’s a substantial course, much more substantial and practical than most 120 hour TEFL/TESOL courses, and so it should be. There is just so much to learn! By absorbing all this material, and then putting it into action in your classroom, we have no doubt you will be a confident and competent teacher. The "120-hour course" listing is a standard time in the industry. We realize that everyone learns at their own pace, so you don’t need to worry about finishing it too quickly or too slowly. We do not offer tutoring or instructing, but we will keep this platform always open to you, so you can practice and refresh your knowledge. We care about what you learn more than how quickly or slowly you finish the course. The discussion board is open to everyone, and we encourage you to ask other learners questions and share your learning tips. The Magic Ears official Facebook Q&A group is also a place where you can keep track of the latest online teaching updates.

  • What’s the difference between TEFL/TESOL?

    You may have heard the term TEFL, which stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. And you may have heard the term TESOL, which stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. They are just the same! After you complete your course successfully, you can apply for either a TEFL or TESOL teaching position and your certificate from Magic Ears will state that you are certified in TEFL and TESOL.

  • When does the course start and finish? How long do I have access?

    The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. As for access... how does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

  • What if I am unhappy with the course or want a refund?

    We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 7 days and we will give you a full refund as long as the certificate has not been issued or within 15 days if no more than 20% of the course has been completed. If you have earned the certificate, a refund can't be issued, even within the 7-day window.

  • Will completing this course guarantee a job with Magic Ears?

    Though you can expect to receive an accredited 120-hour TESOL certification with the completion of this course, you are not guaranteed an interview or a hired teaching position with Magic Ears.

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    You can take as much or as little time as you would like. We realize that everyone learns at their own pace, so you don’t need to worry about finishing it too quickly or too slowly. The average student completes the course within a week or two.

  • Can I use this certificate anywhere? Do all companies accept this certificate? Can I teach in a Brick & Mortar environment with this certificate?

    The ME 120-Hour Advanced TESOL Certificate is fully accredited by ACCREDITAT and should be accepted by any company requiring a 120-Hour Advanced TESOL Certificate as this program meet all requirements for a 120-hour TESOL certificate. However, recognition of certificate is at each companies discretion. Some companies may seek additional requirements, for example: 1) additional qualifications, such as a Bachelor’s Degree, 2) previous teaching experience in a brick-and-mortar environment, 3) supervised and assessed lesson planning construction and delivery practice/experience during teacher training, 4) specific attributes, such as the ability to help with sports, music or other non-language attributes in a brick-and-mortar environment.

  • What if the company I'm applying for doesn't accept this certification?

    We recommend you submit the statement of accreditation along with your certificate when applying. If a company questions the validity of your certificate, please reach out to our support team at Each student who passes the ME 120-Hour Advanced TESOL Course has the option to purchase an ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document for a fee of £20. This document will confirm that you completed your TESOL certification through Magic Ears TESOL in case any TEFL/TESOL employers/recruiters doubt your certification.

  • How will I receive my certificate and statement of accreditation?

    Every student who passes the ME 120-Hour Advanced TESOL Course will receive two emails with links to download a PDF copy of their certificate and a statement of accreditation within 2 business days of course completion from If it has been a full two business days and you haven't received your certificate, please check your spam and then email us at Every student who passes the MEU 120-Hour Advanced TESOL Course has the option to purchase an ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document for a fee of £20. This document will confirm that you did in fact complete your TESOL certification through MAGIC EARS in case any TEFL/TESOL employers/recruiters doubt your certification. Magic Ears cannot provide hard-copy certificates at this time.

We are delighted that our course has been accredited as a high-quality course by ACCREDITAT, a leading independent and international accreditation body. Their accreditation confirms that our course, our staff, our assessment instruments, and our company processes and procedures are all high-quality and are fully geared to helping you succeed. ACCREDITAT is based in Scotland, UK, and is an international accreditation body that sets rigorous standards for the accreditation of TEFL/TESOL companies. Companies accredited by ACCREDITAT have met their demanding Standards in 4 key areas:

1. the ethics and integrity of their operation
2. the high quality of their course
3. the caliber of their assessment
4. the high capability, extensive knowledge, and expertise of their tutors

We are proud that our 120-hour Advanced TEFL/TESOL Course has been accredited by ACCREDITAT. This means that all our students can be confident they are receiving the best TEFL/TESOL education available, scrutinized, and validated by ACCREDITAT.

ACCREDITAT is registered under the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers), Number 10065351. Registration on the UKRLP means that ACCREDITAT has been verified against a recognized legal source.

For more information about the stringent accreditation standards we have met, please take time to view the accreditation standards»

Please note: ACCREDITAT offers you an additional ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document, certifying that you have completed this course successfully with Magic Ears University on the specific date. It's a confirmation certificate, not an academic certificate, you will receive an academic certificate upon successful completion of this course by MEU TESOL. Many students apply for this additional certificate. It's not compulsory. Click here to learn more about this additional ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document»